cake delivery

Graduation, Birthday or Anniversary - It's Always Cake Time

Cake is one of the most special desserts that people want for every occasion. It doesn't matter if it's served after a wonderful Sunday dinner, for an anniversary, graduation, family gathering, or the all-important birthday. Now, a cake that has been prepared in a fine chef's kitchen, can be ordered online and delivered to the office, home or wherever the party is being held. It's very surprising how affordable these cakes are. They're a cheesecake that can be decorated by the person who arranged the party for their loved one.

Some of the cakes are made with blueberries and creamy cheesecake, some cakes are made with apples and roasted crumble, and they're so mouth watering, the guests attending the party have a difficult time waiting until it's time for cake. This is exactly why the bakery that offers cakes in Singapore is becoming so famous.

The cakes can be viewed, and choices made while online, then ordered and paid for at the same time. There are a few areas that aren't located on mainland Singapore, where cakes can't be delivered. Most orders for cheese cake delivery by Cat & the Fiddle are accepted for delivery with no problem at all. The biggest problem a customer has is deciding which cake to order.

To pay for these lovely cheesecakes, just order online and pay with a debit/credit card or Paypal. There are many options for cake delivery in Singapore that range in price from $6.90 regular delivery charge, up to $19.90 with an additional $10.00 charge when delivering to certain areas.

The company treats their customers just like the wonderful cakes they design for them. There are many reviews from satisfied cheesecake lovers listed on the company's website, along with a page of frequently asked questions (FAQs) on how to order, costs of ordering and where they'll deliver.

There are fifteen different kinds of delicious cheesecakes that will please even the youngest party attendee. They're gorgeous to look at and even better to taste. When an award-winning chef with 20 years experience makes 15 different cakes that are mouthwatering, beautiful, and affordable, it's time to order one to enjoy.

Customers can order their cakes a month ahead if they want, or if they forgot to order, they can order for a quick delivery. The bakery offers special decorations to put on each cake. Clients are so excited to have a cake delivery by Cat & the Fiddle. This means they don't have to make a special trip into the city and that their beautiful and delicious cake is going to be delivered right to them.